Truck art (to this level of popularity and detail at least) is a uniquely Pakistani phenomenon.

Owners will spend the equivalent of thousands of pounds on the appearance of their machine.

There's a lot of superstition surrounding "the Evil Eye" - all these cloths and dangly bits are apparently to do with
warding it off or distracting its attention away from you.

A somewhat surprised looking tiger. Also, check out the row of 5 little lights above the number plate.
They'll flash like a fairground ride when the truck brakes.

It's a slow race in hill-climbing gear to the top of the Salt Range.

Glow-in-the-dark! (this pic taken by Peter Hawken)

The coolest ones are modified old-style Bedford TJ trucks - some are original 1960s models (albeit with most of their
components replaced several times over), some are more modern copies which look much older than they are.

Rows of trucks are a common sight at truck-stops on every major route.

Eagle motifs are popular (preferably fighting a snake), along with tigers, white horses and fighter jets. But my favourite is still the lobster.

For when 3 mobile numbers is just not enough...

The rougher roads of the Kaghan Valley demand a tougher 4WD model like this Mercedes. And windscreen-wiper cosies, apparently.
(Sam Wilson's photo)

Yep, I think the Evil Eye would be sufficiently distracted by this one...

This is one of my favourites.