On some weekends that we had free, we were able to take a few day trips a little further afield.

Monkeys: tourist draw and local pest in equal measure.

The view down from our path.

Local women gathering firewood. This could have been one of those classic National Geographic shots, were it not for the total inappropriateness of me taking photos of women I'm not related to.

At first it amazed me how many lightning-struck trees there were, then I remembered what the average rainstorm is like here...

At the top of Mukshpuri the forest opens out into the huge alpine meadow - which would be heaving with visitors cooking curry in the tourist season.

The infamous snow leopard. I'd have loved to have seen one in the wild, but in the absence of having weeks on end to hide out in the wilderness like the Planet Earth cameramen, this will have to do.

And one of a playful pair of common leopards.

Local commute. Not sure I fancy it myself.

Everywhere you go, there are houses and fields in amazing places.

A sample of the fantastic mountain roads up here. Downhill, the locals tend to switch off their engines and rollercoast.

Just the thing to be stuck behind on this kind of road!

A view from the road up to Murree.