A winter adventure a couple of our friends, who'd been able to borrow a handy 4x4.
After a bit of a winding climb, here is our view down onto Abbottabad.

As we got higher, the road got steadily snowier. The plan was to carry on until we couldn't drive any further, then abandon the Land Cruiser and walk up to Thandiani, a village which was a British hill station (i.e. a place to escape the summer heat) back in colonial times.

After a bit of a detour up the road to the left, we discovered it was actually the main highway to a part of the country we really weren't supposed to go to. Next we tried the road behind the cameraman, got to a snowy part we decided not to risk, and parked up here.

Main road to Thandiani. To our shame, the snow didn't seem to put off the locals at all, with the occasional jeep, suzuki, and even a motorbike or two sliding on their merry way past us.

A view down from the road. At this time of year, there had been little rain for a long stretch, hence the colouring of the landscape.

At the top. The shalwar kameez + gaiters combo is obviously the latest fashion.

Companies often offer building owners a free paint job in exchange for the advertising space, which leads to a lot of buildings decorated in this garish sort of style.

Thandiani. It was rather nice to be here in the quiet off season.

Chicken or socks? Decisions, decisions...

Time for a chai stop.

A typical house on the way home. You find houses and fields in all sorts of improbable places up here.

A view back up the valley.