Oddities & Accidents

The artwork on pixelbrain treads an interesting path between the ordered and chaotic, between the finely honed and the accidental. So before we move on from the strange attractor series, I thought I'd include a few of the less intentional results that I encountered along the way.

As the particle moves around the strange attractor, it might well find itself repeating a path it has been on before. Depending on the particular values of the coefficients in the strange attractor equations (see the first in the strange attractor series: Sand Attractor) it might make thousands of jumps before repeating itself, or it might just take a small handful. Here are a few examples of strange attractor plots which only managed a few cycles before getting stuck in a repeating loop:

And a couple more from the Bubbles and Bubblenet series:

A pair from the Filaments series, when I'd accidentally left the 'shape fill' on, meaning it filled in the area surrounded by the curve rather than drawing the curve itself:

Plotting curves (as in Filaments), but with the x- and y- co-ordinates of the endpoints and control points used to plot the curves jumbled up somewhat. I like the hammerhead shark in 2nd plot below, and the shot-put athlete in the 4th.

Combinations of the 'only a few points before repeating' and 'jumbled-up co-ordinates' oddities:

Jumbled-up co-ordinates once again, but plotting bezier curves (as in Bezier Tangle) this time. I particularly love the way some of these begin to resemble creatures from the animal kingdom - I reckon hummingbirds, birds of paradise, angelfish, insects and some odd marine creatures are all, in some abstract manner, represented below.

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