about pixelbrain

pixelbrain is a collection of artworks which engage a spot of programming to produce an unpredictable mixture of order and chaos. Some of the results are intentional and honed to the artist's liking, but more often than not the path of creation takes unexpected turns, producing results far more enigmatic and beautiful than anything the artist had in mind when he started.

about the artist

Jo Wilson is an engineer when he is fortunate enough to have gainful employment, and a musician when he is fortunate enough not to. He is trained as an artist and programmer not in the slightest, and makes no claims about the originality of his work or the efficiency of his programming. He is fascinated by the way in which many of his artworks mirror the order, shapes, structures and patterns found in nature, and is therefore drawn to wonder about the ways in which the rules of programming likewise mirror, albeit in a vastly inferior manner, the rules which shape the cosmos. He is also delighted and intrigued at the emergence of beauty from a few lines of mathematics and logic, and thus suspects that it was probably there all along and just needed to be let out. He finds writing about himself in the third person mildly amusing.

about the medium

Processing is a neat little programming environment which lets you get on with doing nice visual stuff without huge amounts of background coding beforehand. The code is very much part of the artwork, as a large part of the beauty of these visuals is found in watching the programs operate - hence the inclusion of the various little applets scattered throughout the site for you to play with. The source code is included for you to download and muck about with should you so desire - if you come up with anything exciting please share it.

where can I get a print?

Occasionally, some of my favourites will be made available as limited edition prints. Check out the Works Available page for more.


Jo recently stumbled across Jared Tarbell's lovely Gallery of Computation and thought "I'd like to try that". Along with the many useful tutorials on processing.org, the open-source-ness of his methods was big help in the learning process.

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found a bug or broken thing? applet not working?

Please contact the artist on the email above and let him know. Useful info to include is your operating system, browser name and version, and details of any specific error messages or odd behaviour. Your help is much appreciated.

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